History with history...

While undertaking a major remodel at our newly purchased historical chapel and wedding venue in old town, Orange, I really wanted to create a look that had people thinking everything was "original". However, I was somewhat skeptical about using the vintage wood flooring in thinking it might not be elegant enough.. Boy, am I glad I went with my gut and had US Reclaimed Vintage Lumber & Wood Works(Ben & Bethany), do my floors in our banquet hall/ballroom. It turned out magnificent! It totally makes the room and blends nicely with all my other vintage as well as elegant touches. More impressively is that it stands up to all the wear and tear that's thrown on it, like multiple weddings every weekend. I can honestly say that one year later, it looks just as great as it did the first day it was installed. Thank you for your great service and bringing us a truly outstanding product. I will be using your vintage planks in my next project, hopefully soon :)


Cheryl Gale - Owner/Operator

Chapel of Orange Orange (in the heart of old towne)