How Do You Buy A Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantle?

So many of our customers come in to our store looking for the perfect mantle piece for their fireplace. When you walk through our large selection of reclaimed vintage lumber racks at times you may feel overwhelmed by where to start. Here is our cheat sheet on how to pick out your perfect mantle piece:

  1. Bring in dimensions of your fireplace mantle area. Desired length, width & depth.
  2. A picture of on your phone/tablet of the fireplace space itself.
  3. Any flooring or tile/stone sample or picture you may have that you will want the mantle to blend with.

    With these items in hand we can have you walking out with your new custom reclaimed wood or vintage hand hewn/circle sawn beam mantle to add a one of a kind accent piece to your home.

    *Also visit our home page on our website & click on "Mantles" to get some design ideas